Building permit and legalization

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Authorization by the local authorities, projects and Municipal property tax (IPTU) reduction.


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Arquitetura Resolve was founded by Architect Ane Calixto, member of the committee of legalization of allotments and buildings of Rio de Janeiro - General coordinator of licensing and supervision. She has more than ten years of experience in the construction sector. She worked for the largest construction companies in the market, such as Gafisa, RjzCyrela, Living, Rossi, and João Fortes, in product development, feasibility, licensing coordination of executive projects and facilities.

Arquitetura Resolve was launched to create solutions aimed at the best cost-benefit and satisfaction of our customers, aligning the knowledge about legislation, commitment to professionalism.

We work with project development, legalization, design, construction monitoring, and Municipal property tax (IPTU) reduction.

We serve in all neighborhoods

Building permit and project approval

We obtain licenses to build, demolish, and increase.

Properties legalization and surplus value (MAIS-VALIA)

Regularization of apartments, penthouses, houses, shops, and rooms, operating within the law surplus-value (MAIS-VALIA), legalization of allotments, existing constructions.

Building inspection

Technical reports for compliance with qualified professionals.

All according to the legislation.

Municipal properties tax (IPTU) reduction

Steep, forest-occupied, or restricted properties may have their IPTU value reduced



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Legalization of properties

Learn more about how to legalize an existing property or how to get a building permit.

Before hiring a professional, you need to check the following information:

- only the owner can request the legalization of the property or authorize another person to do so.

If your RGI is in the name of a person who you don't know or has passed away, you won't be able to legalize it. Thus, you need a burden of proof - Onus Reais (RGI) on behalf of a valid owner.

The City Hall only releases the license for properties that have access to an urbanized and accepted road. Just check if the street has a drain plate for water runoff.

If your property has the two characteristics above, then you should look for a professional (architect or engineer) to verify that your existing construction is within the current law. If your case is an empty plot of land, the bill must comply with the law.

Each property has different parameters, depending on the area in which it is located.

To consult the laws, you can access the SMU RJ website or send us a message to consult for you.


Planning projects, approvals and legalization

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We will inspect your project as work progresses. Don't worry about City Hall.

Property legalization, projects and building permit

IPTU reduction

Renovation project, design and construction monitoring


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